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Happy Pride Month with Knitted Wit

Today is the first day of LGBTQIA+ Pride Month, and at Twisted we want to wear our love and support on our sleeves - and heads and feet and everywhere in between. So we're excited to share an array of colorways that our friends at Knitted Wit have crafted to celebrate this vibrant, multi-faceted, and vital part of our community. This June, Twisted will donate 25% of the sales of Pride-themed colorways to Basic Rights Oregon, an organization focused on ending discrimination based on sexual orientation and gender identity. <3


love is love

Love Is Love

progress pride

Progress Pride



Transgender Pride

Transgender Pride

pansexual pride

Pansexual Pride

nonbinary pride

Nonbinary Pride

lesbian pride

Lesbian Pride

intersex pride

Intersex Pride

gender queer pride

Gender Queer Pride

disability pride

Disability Pride

demisexual pride

Demisexual Pride

bisexual pride

Bisexual Pride

autiqueer pride

Autiqueer Pride

autigender pride

Autigender Pride

asexual pride

Asexual Pride

aromantic pride

Aromantic Pride

Rainbows Everywhere


mini skein earrings

Mini Skein Earrings

ring stitch markers

Ring Stitch Markers

iridescent scissors

Iridescent Scissors

flight of stitch markers

Flight Of Stitch Markers

needle gauge

Needle Gauge

locking stitch markers

Locking Stitch Markers

medium project bags

Medium Project Bags

stitch stoppers

Stitch Stoppers

knit blockers

Knit Blockers

Did you know you can use your Twisted loyalty points to donate to charities like Basic Rights Oregon?


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