Plain & Simple Trunk Show

Plain & Simple Trunk Show


Oops! We had a misunderstanding with Quine & Co. Hey, These things happen. We'll still have this great trunk show - just a little bit later than expected.

The projects in Pam Allen’s Plain & Simple: 11 Knits to Wear Every Day beautifully prove that simple shapes and stitches are all that’s needed to create essential knits. Worked in Quince & Co’s worsted weight wool/alpaca Owl yarn, the 11 designs featured in the book cover all manner of plain, simple, and utterly necessary knits. These lovely projects are as pleasant to knit as they are easy to wear!


From left to right, Willow, Aspen, and Ash.


From left to right, Birch, Chestnut, and Larch.


From left to right, Maple, Oak, and Walnut.

While Quince & Co. does not allow us to sell their yarns online, we stock a wide range of bases and colors. Please call us at 503 922 1150 for more details or to order.

All photos © Whitney Hayward