pi cowl

Pi Cowl + Blue Moon Fiber Arts = Delicious!

Need some ideas for our March Knit 12 Together suggested project? We've got you covered!

Pattern: Pi Cowl

Yarn: take your pick of Blue Moon Fiber Arts' stunning yarns

This nerdalicious multi-gauge cowl is a circle made into a circle with stripes knit according to the digits of Pi. Pi (pronounced "pie" and often written as the Greek letter π) is the circumference of a circle divided by its diameter. This ratio is always 3.14159... (with decimals to infinity) no matter how big or small the circle is! Pi Day is celebrated on 3/14, so you've still got time to prepare.

Get the Pi Cowl pattern FREE with any Blue Moon Fiber Arts yarn purchase through Monday, March 14th - Pi Day. Add both items to your cart to see the discount.

 pi cowl

The Pi Cowl pattern includes instructions for your choice of lace, fingering, sport, DK, or worsted weight yarn, so you can take your pick of the fantastic BMFA yarns that we carry. You'll want at least 3 colors and the example shown uses 5, but the more the merrier!

Located in Scappoose, Oregon, Blue Moon Fiber Arts brings a wealth of fiber knowledge and an artistic flair to yarn dyeing. With fertile imagination and infectious enthusiasm, each skein is an expression of their love for color.

socks that rock lightweight

Socks That Rock Lightweight - Fingering 

Colors pictured: Aquarius, Snowflake, Big Brain Blue, Easy Breezy Beautiful, Morning Dove Grey.

super sparkle

Super Sparkle - Fingering 

Colors pictured: Shadow, Heckley Speckley, Deep Unrelenting Grey, Figgy Pudding, Everyday Grey, Help Us Rhonda.

socks that rock mediumweight

Socks that Rock Mediumweight - Sport 

Colors pictured: Moontide, Pond Scum, Portland Puddles.

la luna dk

La Luna - DK

Colors pictured: Fancy Pants Fucsia, Red Dawn, Oscar's Grouchy Green, Ramalaba, Elderberry Cordial, Everyday Grey.

socks that rock heavyweight

Socks that Rock Heavyweight - DK 

Colors pictured: Everyday Grey, Fleur de Aubergine, Green Wing.


Plushy - Worsted/Aran 

Colors pictured: Let Your Love Light Shine, Winter Solstice, Psycho Barbie, Deep Unrelenting Grey.



Every month of the year (that's the 12...), we feature an accessible, fun, smaller project to knit, suggesting both a pattern and a yarn to make it with. 

Our suggested projects are just that - suggestions - you're the boss! Substitute yarns or patterns, tackle only projects that speak to you, take a busy month off, or challenge yourself to complete all 12 of this year's projects with us. No matter what, we’re delighted to have you aboard.

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