opening day

twisted opened yesterday to what we humble proprietresses feel was a resounding success. the lead-up has been fun, scary, exhausting, exhilirating, and, oh, did i mention terrifying? at 2am friday morning, we took the paper off the windows and were finally able to see what our shop looks like from the outside (don’t worry – all that cardboard is gone, gone, gone)!

butterflies in the belly at that point, and maybe a tear or two leaking out (not that we are completely crybabies, but it was touching, folks).

after sleeping for a few hours, we came back to twisted and did some last-minute cleaning, organizing, and polishing. we had some visitors, who also turned into our first in-shop customers, derrick and bob, our super-great contractors, chipped in and bought a chocolate milk. (bob opted out of the actual drinking of the milk).

the chalkboard was written upon…

and the yarn was admired…

at 10:55am, we had our first actual, during-business-hours customers, jolene and amy! whooo-hooo!

oh, and for all of you eagerly anticipating the answers for the contest, we do have winners, and will be announcing those lucky names tomorrow.