omg we r so 21c

Or, to translate, oh my goodness, we are so 21st century here at Twisted. Last night, in a fit of inspiration, I set up a Twitter account for us! (That little pink box now in the upper right corner of the blog.) This is just the ticket for those of you who are not getting their recommended daily allowance of Twisted.

In general terms, Twitter is a service for folks to communicate via quick, frequent updates about what they’re doing. It’s a bit like blogging, but much shorter posts updated much more often. And you track your friends’ updates either on the web or, if you’re especially cool, by getting text messages delivered to your mobile phone. (Ask your hip 13 year old niece for all the details – she’s probably a veteran twitterer… or take a peek at their FAQ page.)

Here at Twisted, we’ll post frequent updates about any and all new products we get or things we’re planning or things we’re doing. That’ll include lots of things that don’t make the cut for the blog, and definitely aren’t big enough news for the newsletter. If you’re so motivated, you can get our Twitter updates delivered to your mobile phone, or follow us on the website, or browse through them with that pink box in the upper right hand corner of the blog when you visit us here.