october haiku contest winner (FINALLY)

yes, yes, we know, we know, we are late on this announcement. whoops! we had some fabulous entries for the october contest, and, although it was difficult, an experience i had last week helped propel bob into winnerdom (and, yes, i DID just make that word up, thank you very much)!

if you’ll remember, the theme of the october contest was horrifying crafting disasters.
the prize? two skeins of Frabjous Fibers banana silk in tangerine and their pattern for a mitered squares bag.

and, the winning haiku, by bob s.:

Wet drive, knitting drags:
Like trail of crumbs work ravels
To show my way home

we had a bunch of silly, creepy, funny, and scaaaaary haikus this month, and once again want to share all of them with all of you

Darning a blue eye
the doll’s ghoulish face
stains with pin-pricked blood

Googly eyeballs fall
Glue guns ooze, bubble, and scorch
Eyeless monster cries.

Lead foot lies heavy
Green thread entangles fabric
Like a sprawling tree

Concentrating on…
orange and black and owls and cats
I scared… myself

Knit to be a box,
you did not cooperate.
Fine. Cut into pieces.

Cat walked through the paint
Black doesnt come off of white
Now what do I do?

endless colors to please
a blank and inviting muse
fiber travles thru wooden maze

Boo! Goblins and ghouls
Frankensteins, skeletons too
Scares of Halloween

From armpits up to neck,
Twice as long as it should be!
Who’s this for, a giraffe?

Yarn left on the swift
Too tempting for the kitties
Bouclé chewed to bits.

popsickle log house,
with matching fence all around –
glue gun stuck in hair!

Oh the memory:
Our matching sweatshirts made with
Day-Glo Puffy Paint!

Once bulky, now laceweight.
Well fed moth.

Knitting in the round,
Excited for my first hat…
…a Mobius strip

A dragon, he says
Pattern, fabric, thread, tears, sweat
Just carry the tail?

White cotton blocking…
A proud sight at breakfast. Crash!
Give up coffee NOW!!!

now that you have been inspired, get thee over to the contest page and WRITE A HAIKU FOR US!!!

This month’s subject: Teaching someone else a craft…
This month’s prize: Lacy Little Knits by Iris Schreier.

Lacy Little Knits

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