November winner, December contest

My theme today: colons.

Congrats to Leila W., our November haiku contest winner. The theme: teaching someone else a craft. Her haiku:

tongues sharp as needles
drool at alchemy of yarn
nephews think I’m cool

Lacy Little KnitsI mean, this involves teaching not just one person, but multiple young boys. That, in itself, deserves a prize. And a prize Leila shall receive. The book Lacy Little Knits.

And now, on to December. Your mission, should you choose to accept it: a haiku about holiday crafting. An inspirational story: my mom once pulled two all-nighters in a row leading up to Christmas, hidden away in her closet, folding, gluing and fancy-shaped-scissoring together photo albums of their childhood for her two brothers. True story. We crafters do crazy things for the holidays.

Trekking XXL 150So, tell us your crazy, inspiring or heartfelt holiday crafting story for the December Haiku Contest. The prize? A ball of Trekking XXL color 150!