Noro the Crazy

There’s something about Noro yarns. The colors, the textures. Now, I know that, generally speaking, knitters either love Noro or they hate it. You are either all about the craziness and sometimes-strange color combinations or they get on your very last nerve. I am firmly in the camp of lovelovelove, and have used the yarn quite a few times.

Last week, our dear Vivian spent a few hours in the Noro section, and when she re-entered the world, remarked “Don’t let anyone touch the Noro. I’m not kidding.” Because, that’s another thing about Noro. It’s really not one of those yarns that you can blindly grab 3 balls because they look similar. They could be very different colors. And, yarns of the exact same color and dyelot could look absolutely nothing alike, and they love to visit each other on the shelves. So, cleaning up the Noro section can be an all-day event.

But check it out – it is so gorgeous, no?

And, bonus extra eye-candy alert! A beautiful basket of Furisode: