wound skeins of yarn

New Tools from Ashford and Katrinkles

New! Ashford Winders & Swifts

ashford manual ball winderManual Wooden Ball Winder

This beautiful hard-wood ball winder from Ashford is not only sexy as all get out, but it also works like a dream. It comes assembled so is a snap to set up, and its simple, sleek design makes it easy to move back and forth between storage and use! Your yarn will thank you.

ashford electric ball winderElectric Wooden Ball Winder

Give your yarn the star treatment it deserves! With an electric motor, it's easy to wind a perfect center-pull ball. This elegant power winder comes assembled so set up is as easy as plugging it in and pressing start. The ultimate gift for yourself or a fellow yarn-lover!

ashford wooden umbrella swiftWooden Umbrella Swift

This beautifully finished wood umbrella swift turns winding your yarn into a luxurious experience. It can be clamped to a table and easily adjusted to hold a wide range of skein sizes. Works for both hand winding or with any ball winder.

Favorite Tools from Katrinkles

Our latest shipment from customer and staff favorite Katrinkles brought us some new additions as well as tried and true favorites.

Darning Loom - Best Seller!


katrinkles darning and mending loom

Perfect for darning small patches to keep your knits in tip top shape.

katrinkles darning loom in use

The loom allows you to weave a small patch directly into your knitwear to repair or reinforce certain sections.

katrinkles darning loom heddle extension pack

☆ NEW ☆ The heddle expansion pack lets you patch up more weights of yarn!

Adorable Extras


katrinkles foldover tags

We've had a hard time keeping these adorable foldover tags in stock - for good reason!

katrinkles foldover heart tags

☆ NEW ☆ These tags are little larger and come with an extra dash of sweetness ♥.

twisted cedar blocks

Cedar blocks keep your stash, projects, and finished objects fresh as can be.

twisted yarn and thread cutter

☆ NEW ☆ This travel-friendly cedar yarn cutter has a small indented blade to keep your (or tiny helpers') fingers safe.

cat-trinkles stitch markers

Cat-rinkles acrylic stitch markers are a forever favorite. Who doesn't love colorful cats?!

katrinkles dpn holders

Wrangle your DPNs with these ultra practical holders. Great for storage with or without a project attached.

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