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New Kits

We all need a helping hand now and then! Take the guesswork out of your next project by checking out our selection of kits. We've been busy bees crafting new options for you just in time for the holidays. Kits make excellent gifts for others, or treats for yourself if you've got a case of decision fatigue.


learn to crochet

Learn to Crochet

basic hat for little ones

Basic Hat for Little Ones

learn to knit

Learn to Knit

anticipation baby blanket

Anticipation Baby Blanket

autumn rainbow shawl

Autumn Rainbow Shawl

calliope's wings shawl

Calliope's Wings Shawl

itty bitty skeinlet ornaments

Itty Bitty Ornaments Kit

moon and other satellites shawl

The Moon and Other Satellites Shawl

simple squares baby blanket

Simple Squares Baby Blanket

which came first cowl/shawl

Which Came First Cowl/Shawl

ingrid's cowl

Ingrid's Cowl

shifting shadows

Shifting Shadows 

DIY Ornament Kits

Get festive with these ADORABLE stitchable ornaments from Katrinkles. They come with everything you need to fashion the cutest ornament of your dreams.

katrinkles ornamentskatrinkles ornaments stitchedkatrinkles ornaments front and back

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