New Handmade Goodness From Katrinkles

New Handmade Goodness From Katrinkles

As the weather cools and the holiday season nears, we get busy scoping out bodacious new products that will hit the sweet spot for gifting. Cute, useful, and well-priced goodies that will make your loved ones smile.

One brand that never fails to make us say, "oooooooh so-and-so needs that!" is Katrinkles. Their utterly adorable and oh-so-functional handmade tools are ones we go back to again and again - both for our own notions bag and for all the crafty friends and fam on our holiday lists.

Darning Looms

Bigger Darning LoomNEW!
Bigger Darning Loom

The latest version of the Katrinkles Darning Loom is here to rescue you from even bigger holes and rips!

The larger size makes this loom ideal for mending garments where as the original is perfect for socks. The new loom comes coupled with extra heddles so that you're ready to mend most yarn weights as soon as you spot an issue. 

Bigger Darning Loom


Original Darning Loom

Original Darning Loom $34.00

Heddle Expansion Set

Heddle Expansion $15.00

Cedar Notions

Cat Cedar Sachet

NEW! Cats Cedar Sachets $9.00

Cedar Blocks

Cedar Blocks $7.00

Yarn and Thread Cutter

Yarn & Thread Cutter $22.00

Cedar Sachet

NEW! Socks-Sweaters-Mittens Sachets $9.00

Stitch Marker Sets

Cats Stitch Markers

Cats $15.00

Pink Socks Stitch Markers

NEW! Pink Socks $16.00

Blue Socks Stitch Markers

NEW! Blue Socks $16.00

Sweater Stitch Markers

NEW! Sweaters $12.00

Faux Suede Foldover Tags

Hearts Tags

Hearts $9.00

Handmade Tags

Handmade $6.00

Hand Wash Dry Flat

NEW! Hand Wash/Dry Flat $12.00

Machine Wash Dry Flat Tags

NEW! Machine Wash/Dry Flat $12.00

Machine Wash Machine Dry Tags

NEW! Machine Wash/Machine Dry $12.00

Sock Rulers 

Socks Rule! Adult

Adult $25.00

Socks Rule! Kids

NEW! Kid $21.00h

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