Picking The Right Needle Or Hook

Picking The Right Needle Or Hook

Choosing the Right Needle or Hook

There are many things to consider when picking the right tool for your project... and sadly no one size fits all answer. Each crafter's preferences are key and the best option varies from person to person and project to project. The very quality that makes a knitting needle your favorite might be a deal-breaker for your bff!

What's it Made of?

hooksMetal needles and hooks are sturdy, cool to the touch, and smooth - allowing yarn to glide over them. The tip can also be honed to, and keep, a sharper point. But they can rankle arthritis and repetitive strain injuries, or be too slippery.

Wooden needles and hooks are more flexible, warm to the touch, and have a bit of texture that helps yarn grab on. But some crafters find them too fragile or slow.
There are also plastic, carbon fiber, and other materials... Read more about choosing between wood and metal needles/hooks.

What's the Point?

Dangerously Sharp

Extra-pointy needles and hooks offer precision, making them a favorite for lacework. Depending on your yarn or knitting motion, though, they might be more weapon than tool. 

hiya sharp dpns

Hiya Sharp DPNs

hiya sharp ciruclars

Hiya Sharp Circulars

hiya sharp interchangeables

Hiya Sharp Interchangeables

hiya sharp sock dpn set

Hiya Sharp Sock DPN Set

silvalume crochet hooks

Silvalume Crochet Hooks

chiaogood bamboo crochet hooks

Chiaogood Bamboo Crochet Hooks

addi rocket circulars

Addi Rocket Circulars

addi rocket interchangeables

Addi Rocket Interchangeables 

Middle of the Road

Classic tipped tools that are a tried and true, best-of-both worlds compromise. 

hiya steel dpns

Hiya Steel DPNs

hiya steel circulars

Hiya Steel Circulars

hiya steel interchangeables

Hiya Steel Interchangeables

amour crochet hooks

Amour Crochet Hooks

hiya bamboo dpns

Hiya Bamboo DPNs

hiya bamboo circulars

Hiya Bamboo Circulars

hiya bamboo interchangeables

Hiya Bamboo Interchangeables

addi flexiflips have one sharp and one regular tip

Addi Flexiflips have one Sharp and one Regular Tip


Well Rounded

Some might call these blunt, but we think of them as refreshingly honest. They are a good choice when working with yarn that splits easily, and for knitters who push the tip of the needle with each stitch. 

addi turbo circulars

Addi Turbo Circulars

addi turbo interchangeables

Addi Turbo Interchangeables

hiya crochet hooks

Hiya Crochet Hooks

boye crochet hooks

Boye Crochet Hooks

addi flexiflips bamboo

Addi Flexiflips Bamboo

clover bamboo straights

Clover Bamboo Straights

basix dpns

Basix DPNs

basix circulars

Basix Circulars

Measuring Correctly

Of course, finding the perfect needle or hook is all for naught if it's not the right size! Did you know that the names of US needle sizes are not consistent across brands? It drives us batty. We recommend relying first and foremost on the mm size, or using the same brand needle and gauge. 

addi black square

Addi Black Square

addi red heart

Addi Red Heart

hiya hiya sheep

Hiya Hiya Sheep

susan bates knit chek

Susan Bates Knit Chek

mini tools needles and hooks

Mini Tools Needles/Hooks

mini tools crochet

Mini Tools Crochet

universal tool

Universal Tool

new! cat-rinkles gauge/ruler

New! Cat-rinkles Gauge/Ruler


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