Musings on NE Broaday

So, this is a little off topic from our usual blog posts, but I want to take a moment to say how much I love our NE Broadway neighborhood!

To start with, the wonderful folks who live around here all seem to be super supportive of small businesses like ours. That leads, of course, to a whole host of unique shops and restaurants with lots of Portland flair.

Take, for example, my favorite clothing boutique of all time Soho. I’m not much of a fashionista, but if I were able I would buy every single thing in that shop. (I make a pretty good dent in it as it is…) And the owner, Alma, is the sweetest and most helpful woman you will ever meet.

Then there’s Thai Pod, our very favorite restaurant. We’re addicted. It’s a rare week that goes by I don’t eat there at least once. My favorite dish is the Panang Curry with tofu, Shan’s is the Spicy Thai Salad with lemongrass chicken, dear hubby’s is the Cashew Chicken. And, once again, the owner is incredibly friendly and a bit adorable. He’s also a huge Heros fan – ask him about it!

Costellos Travel Caffe is a perennial fave for soup, sandwich and coffee (none of the latter for me though… caffeine + Emily = buckets of crazy). Stella Bella is the best kids resale clothing shop in town. Clogs ‘N More and Footwise are fantastic shoe shops. Furever Pets has every dog food known to man – and most of the toys, too. Eyes on Broadway has bar none the cutest selection of glasses around. Brian Marki Fine Art will knock your socks off with an ever changing gallery.

What can’t you get around here? I love this neighborhood!