movie theater mishap. or, why knitting in public can be dangerous.

i went the the laurelhurst the other night with my best peeps, the hubbie and the sister. we saw a heavy movie – sad, disturbing, very well-done, and i was working on a simple project with a looming deadline, so i stockinette-d away throughout most of the film. as the credits were rolling, and folks were filing out, a bit dazed, because the movie had no happy ending to speak of, i heard stefan whispering “shan. shan! SHAN!”). i turned around, and realized that i was trailing yarn behind me for, oh, about 30 or 40 feet. yeah. embarrassing. we followed the yarn-trail back into the theater, apologizing all the way, rolling it back up, untangling it from around the feet of fellow movie-goers…boy, was i glad the lights hadn’t yet been raised all the way.

the lesson to take away from this? no, not the whole ‘maybe you shouldn’t knit in a movie-theater’ thing, but that we should all take a minute, after knitting in public, particularly in poorly-lit public places, to make sure we have the entirety of our project safely tucked away in our big-ass bags before leaving.


this public service announcement has been brought to you by twisted, who are off today and this half of which is knitting diligently and safely away, ignoring the call of the evil that is house-work.

and, fyi, the yarn is araucania’s nature wool.