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movie night tonight and some new stuff

tonight’s movie is a classic. at least, to me, it’s a classic. the more i talk to folks about this movie, the more i realize that not many people have heard of it, let alone have actually seen it. it’s a great movie, though, at least my memory tells me it’s a great movie. come on by tonight to check it out yourself, and tell me, is it a great movie? starring jon cryer, aka duckie from pretty in pink, it can’t NOT be a great movie, right? i do know that jon cryer is now in a sit-com, which i personally have only seen a few times, but was not super-impressed with…


any-hoo, the movie is hiding out. it came out in 1987. it stars jon cryer. he has punk-rock 80s hair. he’s a stockbroker hiding from the mob by going back to high school. the tagline on imdb reads: “There’s only one thing more frightening than murder: High School.” how can you go wrong?

now, new products. yeehaww! we expect to continue to receive exciting new yarns and books here at twisted. there are many that we are insanely excited about. we’ll keep you posted as they trickle in, but the newest of the new include dream in color classy (worsted) and smooshy (sock) in the brand-spanking new colorline. we also have some of the dream in color fatty, which is tre fabu – it’s like big, soft, fluffy ropes! we heart it! new dream in color colorways include flamingo pie, butter peeps, and punky fuschia.


knittingwithouttears.jpgwe have also received the book that has become one of the gold standards in knitting: elizabeth zimmermann’s knitting without tears. sick of seaming? purling? this is the book for you. elizabeth was a knitting pioneer, and this is her guide to freeing your knitting, to allowing the knitter to create gorgeous sweaters in a circular manner, with no worries, and, hopefully, no tears.

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