movie night tonight and a super-bowl sunday update

200px-mannequin_movie_poster.jpgthe movie tonight is one of my very favorite 80’s flicks, not only because it stars the affable andrew mccarthy and the sexy-in-the-city kim cattrall, and not only because starship’s ‘nothing’s gonna stop us now‘ is one of the main songs on the soundtrack, and not only because it’s sweet and goofy, and not only because it is completely and utterly implausable, and not only because it’s a sweet cinderella-type love story, but because i watched this movie so many times as a youngster, and smile just thinking about it.

so come on down to twisted tonight and watch mannequin with us. it really does have all the hallmarks of a great 80’s movie – the hair, the clothes, the goofy dialogue, the token bad-guys. oh, and hollywood montrose, the hero’s best friend.

200px-nottinghillrobertsgrant.jpgwe have also (finally) picked the movie for our superbowl sunday non-superbowl get-away from football fiesta! we wanted to do a chick-flick, and are in love with hugh grant for his ability to play the same exact character (whom we heart) in every good film he has ever been in, so in a spur-of-the-moment decision yesterday, we decided to show notting hill. really, folks, what could be better than our own sweet hugh grant, teamed up with the uber-chick-flick chick, julia roberts? yeehawww!!!