movie night tonight

jewel2.jpgjack and joan have settled into a fairly domesticated life after their high adventure in columbia, but tonight, we visit them as they embark on a new adventure, rekindling their former life of intrigue and adventure in jewel of the nile, the sequel to last week’s romancing the stone. this film will round out our foray into the wild world of michael douglas and kathleen turner.

“Six months after their first adventure Joan Wilder takes an assignment to do a biography on an evil desert ruler, eventually finds herself in hot water over a precious jewel, and Jack Colton comes to the rescue.”

and, from rotten tomatoes:
“According to legend, Catherine Zeta-Jones was 15 when this movie was made.”
Gregory Weinkauf, New Times

come on over, get out of the rain, and watch a mindless romantic-comedy-80’s-adventure-flick with us!

and remember, tomorrow we participate in Portland Grows a Cure, donating 10% of our sales to histio research.