movie night tonight

today is not only Pearl Harbor Day, it’s also the birthday of a fabulous and fantastic customer, one who hearts cake and the movie Home Alone, AND of a twisted proprietress. how best to celebrate?

home_alone.jpgwith macaulay culkin, of course (although i personally prefer johnny depp). come on over to movie night tonight, wish lorajean and shannon happy bdays, and cheer on our hero macaulay culkin as he thwarts the evil plans of two goofy burglars, played by joe pesci and daniel stern. the movie’s listed taglines are: “When Kevin’s Family Left For Vacation, They Forgot One Minor Detail: Kevin. But Don’t Worry… He Cooks. He Cleans. He Kicks Some Butt.” and “A Family Comedy Without The Family.” yeah. incredibly enough, this movie came out 17 years ago. how can that be? but, it’s still as fresh, goofy, and funny as it was in 1990. go little kevin, kick some butt!