More virtual Twisted to enjoy

Have you noticed that pink link along the top of each page at online Twisted? All you have to do is click it, and you will find yourself in a brand-new world, a world of Twisted shopping from home. Yeah, that’s right, everyone. Twisted is now both the most fantabulous bricks and mortar shop you have ever seen (right?:)) AND an online paradise of needles, notions, and yarn!

Also, Emilyshmemily has been coding her booty off, and our new homepage is better than ever.

Hazel is so excited about these new developments that the first thing she did when she heard our online shop had gone live was grab my purse and dig out my wallet! You should see the stash of Malabrigo that girl has (and, between you and me, she can’t even KNIT yet!)

Yeah, my purse is bigger than my baby. You wanna make something of it?