Moonrise Necklace Madness

My mom was in town last weekend and we took the Moonrise Necklace class with Sivia. It was a blast!

Sivia is an excellent and inspiring teacher, the pattern is F-U-N fun (to quote a college friend of mine), and best of all it’s one of those magical projects that is endlessly fascinating no matter how many you make. (And I plan to make many.) Also, it possesses in spades my other all time favorite quality in ANY knitting pattern – it looks way, way more difficult than it actually is! Huzzah!

My mom was here only for a few days and our goal was to paint my guest bedroom and a hallway. A lot of painting for just a weekend! We thought the class would be a short break, but little did we know how addictive our necklaces would become.

We painted our little hearts out and kept saying, if we finish this by X o’clock, then we can sit and knit for half an hour… It’s nothing short of amazing we actually finished the painting instead of abandoning open cans willy nilly and just sitting on the sofa bent over our beads for hours! Mom knit on hers all the way home on the plane, and I already have two more necklaces planned out.

If you haven’t taken this class you absolutely must! The next one is Saturday, December 11 from 1-4pm. It’s $30 (plus materials, which you can bring separately or purchase from us and get your 10% class discount). Sivia also teaches lots of other classes for us, including Toe Up Socks and her thrice-weekly drop in clinics. Check out our class schedule for all the details.

The Moonrise Necklace pattern is only available as part of Sivia’s class. She doesn’t sell it separately, and if you take her class you’ll see why. She has a world of experience with it that you owe it to yourself to get straight from the source! Once you’ve taken the class, though, we sell the fixings to make more – as you absolutely certainly positively will end up doing. A new yarn that Sivia found for us that is PERFECT for this project is the bitty and luxurious 30 yard skeins of Vineyard Silk.