Meet the Designers: Debbi Stone

Debbi Stone wearing her cowl, Road Trippin'.

Debbi Stone wearing her cowl, Road Trippin’.

When did you first knit, and who taught you? My grandmother when I was 7.
What are your favorite things to knit? I love knitting accessories of all kinds for the instant gratification!
What has been your most frustrating knitting project?  A sweater that I knit about 20 years ago, when I knew nothing nor cared nothing about gauge. The sleeves were about 6 inches too long and the bust was way to small. Needless to say I’ve changed my ways!
When it comes to knitting, are you more about the process or the product?  I think I’m more of a process knitters.  I love trying new techniques and new crazy stitch patterns and I am in my happy place when I have needles and yarn in my hands.
When not at Twisted, how do you like to spend your time?  Knitting and designing patterns at my home. I also love to hike and bike, really anything outdoors.
Favorite color?  I love fall colors; red, orange, brown and especially dirty green!
Beyond knitting, what do you like to create?  I volunteer for a non-profit called The Bloom Project which creates flower bouquets for patients in hospice.  I do this once a week and love the ability to have a creative outlet that gives beauty and joy to others.
What is the last book you read?  A Life in Parts by Bryan Cranston
One piece of knitting advice:  Always, always, always do a gauge swatch.  Even if you don’t think you need to do one… you do!
Where can we find you online?
Ravelry: cockeyed
Instagram:  DebbiStone
Twitter:  cockeye
Not only is Debbi a local designer, we also have the great fortune of having her as a teacher at Twisted!

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