Malabrigo Sock.

Malabrigo Sock yarn‘s long journey has ended, and we couldn’t be happier or more excited. The rumors first began to surface in Spring 2007 that the venerable Malabrigo Yarn company would soon be unveiling a sock yarn, and folks started getting antsy. Fast forward to the two Stitches, where a lucky few were gifted with test skeins to play with. Those knitters shared the love, showing everyone what was in store. Then, disaster struck. This spring, a fire ravaged the Malabrigo mill, striking terror into the hearts of knitters everywhere, causing a short-term (thank the knitting goddess for that!) drought of all things Malabrigo. Inevitably, the production of Malabrigo Sock was postponed, and knitters everywhere sobbed silently. But never fear, sock knitters, because today, your dreams have been answered.

24 colors. Soft and sproingy. Machine-washable. High yardage.

Come and get it.