Malabrigo and swifts

An infusion of Malabrigo has hit Twisted just in time for your holiday knitting!

We’ve got Worsted, Silky Merino, Rasta, and Sock. I meant to stop and take photos, but we were counting and labeling and breaking down boxes and carrying yarn out to the shelves like crazy all day and I plum forgot!

We’ve also scored a fresh crop of the top of the line Swedish Glimarka wooden umbrella swifts. Don’t be tempted by less expensive knock offs! The Glimarka swifts are made from birch, in two sizes: the regular size which holds skeins up to 72″ around, and the large swift which holds skeins up to 100″ around.

These quality swifts last forever. They’re just what we use in the shop – and that baby has wound a LOT of yarn!