Let’s get Educational, Educational… let me hear your needles talk

Class Round-Up! Sept 7-14

Tink, Drop, Frog: A great favorite here at Twisted- learn to read your knitting and fix your mistakes! No longer will you despair because you dropped a stitch and the yarn store isn’t open until the next morning! No longer will you call up your buddies in tears because your knitting broke your heart! (Though we still recommend ice cream.) Michele Bernstein will teach you to stick up for yourself in the face of knitting defeat and to recognize and fix some of the most common mistakes. The next session is Sept. 8, from 6-8pm, and costs $20. You’ll need light colored, plain bulky yarn and needles to match, and a crochet hook sized G, H, or I. This class has some homework: please bring one flat swatch of stockinette stitch in your bulky yarn – 20 stitches, 16 rows, and don’t take it off the needles. You’ll learn how to pick up dropped stitches, unknit stitch by stitch (tink), tear out several rows at a time (frog) and fix other common mistakes.

Spinning for Beginners:
Like yarn? Learn to make it! Spinning is a fun and incredibly addictive hobby…and nothing compares to knitting with handspun yarn! Leila Wice will teach you to make a simple spindle and use it, while also acquainting you with the types of commercial spindles available to you as well as giving you a whirl on a wheel. This class is aimed at the complete spinning newbie- no prior experience or materials required – but wheel spinners looking to learn more about spindles are welcome too! The class is on Sundays, September 12 and 19, from 1:30- 3:00 pm and costs $60. There is a $5 materials fee to get you started, and you don’t need to bring a thing! There is also an optional field trip carpooling to the Oregon Flock and Fiber Festival in Canby, OR on Sep. 26- if you’re not addicted by the time the class is over, you will be after visiting Canby! (And you’ll probably want a pet goat.)

Knitting Studio:
This is an ongoing class that happens almost every Sunday, and is absolutely great for answering any questions you have about just about anything (knitting-related, anyway, though Parna’s probably happy to give unprofessional advice on that cute guy you keep seeing at the bus stop. But no promises.) In September, this class will be happening on 9/5, 9/12 (with Vivian instead of Parna), 9/19, and 9/26. It’s $20 a session and runs from 3:30-5:30. Unlike our other classes, this one is mostly drop-in (though you can sign up ahead of time if you want to make sure there’s a space.)

I’m pretty sure she knit those legwarmers herself