Let’s Craft Together

happy tuesday to everyone out there. fall is definitely in the air, as evidenced by both the cooling nights, and the countdown on our pal neuroknitter’s blog (which just so happens to be our old electronic home). to celebrate the oncoming autumnal season, we are having a sale this weekend! yeee-hawww! our very first sale. whether you are making a last-ditch effort to hold onto summer, just want to stockpile some cotton and bamboo for next spring, or have been dreaming wistfully of a summery project, come on in this weekend and get that special yarn for 10-20% off.

also of note, tonight is our open crafting night, and the comfy couches and hot tea are ready for your knitterly bums to take a load off. come on by anytime – open crafting starts at around 5 or 6, and the first to arrive get the comfiest seats. we have added a new tea to our repertoire, adagio’s foxtrot, which was a recommendation from our very own adam (sadly for us, now overseas for an entire year). from the adagio website:

Like the dance that inspired its name, our Foxtrot tea is an overnight success that will leave you giddy with joy. It is an herbal cocktail of Egyptian chamomile, South African Rooibos and fresh peppermint leaves. A soothing blend of familiar tastes that produces a pleasantly original combination. It is entirely caffeine-free. The spring in your step is due entirely to its enticing taste.

so come on in, drink tea, say ‘hey,’ knit, crochet, basket-weave, embroider, spin, just plain CRAFT.