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last minute holiday knitting, commence

if you are still looking for a quick-ish last minute gift, and have already purchased the interweave holiday knits magazine (which is sold out, like, everywhere! if you see this issue, snag it, cuz interweave has NO MORE), we’ve got a great one-skein project for you: koolhaas, by our blog-crush brooklyn tweed, aka jared flood.


this is a fabulous hat pattern – not too futzie, not too simple, just the right amount of zesty, cable-y goodness, and a great excuse to use some super-soft yarn, too! i used dream in color classy in nightwatch, and our buddies nk and jules are working on twinnie-koolhaases in the same colorway.

and to that nagging little voice whispering “isn’t it too late to cast on for a holiday gift??? for goodness sake, woman, it’s december-freaking-thirteenth!” we say, shut-up nagging little voice – cast on, cast on, cast on! we sure are!

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