Lacy Chain Sock Pattern

The Lacy Chain Sock Pattern is now fit for public consumption! After much big talk on my (Shannon’s) part, we finally got some pattern writing help (thanks, Star!) and some test knitting help (thanks, Katrina!), and the pattern is all done and ready for purchase. It’s a toe-up sock, with a short-row toe (which is super-much fun to make), and a gusseted heel, and lace, and cables…

I came up with this pattern sososososo long ago, and have been meaning to write up the pattern for a very very long time, but kept getting stuck on the actual writing-up-the-pattern thing. (Let’s take a moment to give props to all the knitwear designers out there, because writing patterns is NOT AT ALL EASY. We thank you so very much, pattern-writers, for writing those patterns we love so much!)


We’ve got the pattern available here at Twisted, or we can do paypal and email an electronic copy to you if you aren’t local. (Email us at or call us at 503.922.1150 if you want to order this pattern).