Kollage Square Circulars

Kollage’s new square circular needles are in at Twisted, with more on the way. We originally looked at these because they are easier to hold and knit with for knitters with arthritis, repetitive strain injury and other hand issues. As soon as we got a pair out of the package, though, we knew they’d be popular with knitters of all stripes.


The square circulars (and DPNs, which we will get soon) are made out of a high grade aluminum in a coppery brown color. We are super impressed by the smoothness of the needle and especially the high quality of the join (always a problem point for circs). The cord, as well, is surprisingly fabulous in its utterly buttery softness. It will not kink, curl or knot and has virtually no memory. Best of all, Kollage really stands by its products so if you ever run into a defect with your needle, just bring it back to Twisted and we’ll replace it for you.

Due to the difference in the square to round shape, we STRONGLY recommend you knit a swatch for gauge. Please note: most knitters go up one needle size in the circulars and DPNs to obtain gauge. As always, you’re welcome to do a swatch at the shop before you buy, but once the needles leave our doors the sale is final to ensure that all our customers get the absolutely highest quality products possible.