Knitwear Care: A Photo Tutorial in 5 Easy Steps

Since our Sale of the Week this week provides the means to clean your knitwear, I thought I’d show you how I use those products to get my handknits all sparkly-clean and freshy-fresh. (This is how I wash socks and baby sweaters; oftentimes, with adult sweaters, and especially if I have used something feltable like Malabrigo, I’ll wash and block completely by hand. But, socks, baby sweaters, adult sweaters in washable wool, are all washed by me the following way). The only problem here is that this way of washing won’t work with a front-loading washing machine. But, I hear those have fabulous hand-wash cycles, so if you are lucky enough to have a front-loader, I’d suggest you look into that possibility.

Step One: Get your washing machine all set up

Set your temperature to cold, your load-size to whatever you need (generally, I only need to set it for a small-size load), and fill that puppy up with water.

Step Two: Get yer Soak on

Grab your woolwash (I heart Soak right now, but Eucalan is also tre fabu!), squirt some in, and enjoy the smell-good suds.

Step Three: Gather and soak

Grab those handknits, get ’em ready (I like to wash my socks inside-out), and toss ’em in the washer, using your hand to swish the suds through them and thoroughly soak ’em all. Set your timer for 20 minutes, or just check on them in a while (it never hurt a handknit to spend an hour or more in a tub full o’woolwash).

Step Four: Check on any helpers you have, making sure they aren’t getting into too much trouble

Step Five: Get those knits a-drying

Set your washing machine to “Final Spin” (no rinsing required, because neither Soak nor Eucalan require it! Yippie for awesome cleansers specifically formulated for our handknits!) Lay flat to dry, preferably on a rack of some sort (we got this one at the ever-wonderful but ever-overwhelming Ikea), and wait between a day and a week, depending on how wet the air is where you live.

Voila! Clean handknits!

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