knitting on the road


about a month ago, my hubbie and i met some friends for mini-burgers and beer at pause, and i met the most talented, amazing woman. stacy is a newbie sock knitter (but we can see the mania beginning in her eyes), and an uber-crafty chick. she had her first complete sock ever in the cutest little bag you ever did see, and, as i fondled her sock, i drooled, just a bit, over her bag. i asked her if she would be into selling them in this new knitting/craft shop thing i was getting ready to do, and she got all excited, and may have drooled her own darned self. emily and i met with her the next week, and the samples she had worked up were so super-fabulous, emily ended up drooling a little bit, too. (good thing these bags are water-resistant) after we all discreetly wiped our mouths we got down to business. stacy went home, worked with her wonderful man on a logo, and got to sewing. a few days before opening, they came by and dropped off a bag of bags, and, let me tell you, these bags have been a hit.

as sock knitters all over the universe know, socks are the bestest knitting projects ever, because, once you get the hang of them, they are fairly easy, even memorizable (although, for those of us looking for a challenge, they can be made much more difficult, fairly easily), and best of all, they are extremely transportable. but, and i know i am not the only one out there who does this, what seems to work best when shoving them into one’s purse is a plain old, ugly, ziplock bag. that’s until stacy the yarn traveler came along, with her stellar craftsmanship, her take-anywhere (read: oil cloth) sensibilities, and most of all, her amazing prints. emily and i each snagged our own – emily got a sock monkey one, and i grabbed a sweet marimekko one. we love them. and so, without further ado, some photos:

remember, we have these and more in-shop – there are sock-sized bags and smaller ones for needles and notions. or, as an alternative use, one of our non-knitting friend remarked that they would make the greatest little travel bags for makeup and other essentials.