Knit Graffiti, Yarn Bombing, and Little Plastic Horses

Most Portlanders have noticed the wee plastic horses chained to rings in the sidewalk all around town. You see them, you giggle, you say to yourself: “Only in Portland!” But, did you know that this was actually an art project? That one man spearheaded the whole thing, and there are photo sites devoted to these funky little things! And Shawn Bowman and the PNCA are taking it one step further, by incorporating knitting into the wonderful world of the little horses.


For Art in the Pearl, PNCA’s Continuing Education outreach table is hosting an activity which combines this simple knit, guerilla/community art and interactive media with another Portland arts phenomenon, the little horses. At the outreach table, kids and adults will be crafting legwarmers, blankets, yarn garlands and hats for the horses using finger knitting and easy spool techniques.

Twisted has donated some yarn to this fun, funky, and oh-so-Portland happening. Join Shawn and the rest of the gang on Sunday August 31st on the the corner of NW 8th and NW Davis any time between 10am and 6pm to get in on the fun – everyone can make a little something-something for that special Little Plastic Horse in their life!