June contest

There were a TON of great entries in May’s contest and we’re still working on selecting the winners. (Yes, there will be multiple winners!) In the mean time, here’s your assignment for June, which once again is NOT a haiku contest!

rubber bandFirst, the back story. In the course of ordering needles and notions, we accumulate a ridiculous amount of rubber bands. I mean lots and lots and lots of rubber bands. Whole forests of rubber trees. It’s insane.

So, we’d like to hear your creative ideas for using rubber bands. One entry per person this month. Click here to enter!

Here are some fascinating rubber band facts to inspire you. They’re from wikipedia, so they are probably, but not necessarily, true.
rubber plant

  • The rubber band was patented in Australia on March 17, 1845 by Stephen Perry.
  • A rubber band’s length is half its circumference.
  • While other rubber products may use synthetic rubber, rubber bands are still primarily manufactured using natural rubber because of its superior elasticity.
  • About 3/4’s of the world rubber is synthetic – made from crude oil.

little box of knitted giftsAnd more inspiration from therubberband.info:

Wow. Anyway, the prize is a lifetime supply of rubber bands… okay, and The Little Box of Knitted Gifts by Sandy Scoville, published by Martingale.

Enter the June contest.