Jumpstart your fall knitting with Interweave Weekend and Alice Starmore!

We’ve got some exciting new arrivals in the world of patterns, just in time for the cold (don’t listen to that hot weather out there, it’s lying to you.)


First up is Interweave’s new Special Issue: Interweave Knits Weekend. This magazine is focused on relaxed and fun projects for weekend knitting (I think it’s an excuse to have another fall issue, and that’s just fine by me!) It’s got a little bit of everything- knits for the whole family (pets too!), household goodies, cables, lace, and all sorts of fibers and textures. There’s also a great article on getting the most out of fiber festivals, just in time for OFFF!


Next, we’re pleased as punch to announce that Alice Starmore has re-released her prodigious work on Scottish colorwork: her Book of Fair Isle Knitting. Used copies of this book were so in demand that they sold for hundreds of dollars before this reprint, so we’re super excited to have our hands on it at last! It’s full of beautiful and complex fair isle charts, color schemes, and techniques. These are sure to fly out of here fast, so come grab one while they’re here!