July contest winner!

We received 28 truly fabulous haiku about summer knitting, ranging from the funny (there was a definite sweat/felting theme) to the sublime. We each had several favorites, but both agreed that Pam captured the essence of summer knitting best of all:

I sit by the pool
And wonder if I can float
While knitting my socks

Congrats, Pam!!!! Two skeins of bright, summer yellow Debbie Bliss Pure Silk are all yours! For everyone else, now that your haiku muscles are in practice, check out our August contest. The subject for this month: learning a new craft… The prize: a felted bag kit, complete with 3 skeins of Ella Rae Classic and a pattern from Black Sheep Bags. Fun no matter what your skill level is!

Since we loooved the other entries so much, we just had to post them all, too. Thank you thank you thank you to everyone who entered!

yellow summer sun
breezy moments on the porch
knitting up my bliss

Yarn screams to be knit
But the lap wants to be bare
Small knits — Socks perhaps?

dust off the needles
katie was born months ago
winter approaches

Leashes and needles
Knitting a large Afghan dog
For fun in July

Sitting on the dock
Breeze teases my yarn and soul
Wouldn’t trade this day!

Red licorice yarn
Skims a frosted iced tea glass
Seasons intertwined

Being enlightened
Put no wool in hot water
Unless you want felt

the sad school teacher
for nine months she can not knit
oh, the summer bliss

Silken yarn slips through.
Knit! Rhythm, meditation.
Heat relief. Cool dawn.

Sun burning bright hot
Felts mohair shawl in my hands
Better knit some socks

Silky summer breeze,
golden skeins of summer sun,
tis Bliss to be alive

Knitting in the sun
Sipping tea and having fun
Twisted is the best

Title: 3HNJ
Hot Hazy Humid
New Jersey Summer Knitting
I cotton to silk

Socks on bamboo sticks
Some new summer project fun
Warm things for winter

When the yarn is soft
and the needles are just right
knitting can be great

Fingers are sweating
Wool is not good for today
Try some silk instead

Yarn, how I love you
Though I am a crocheter
Twisted still loves me!
(I hope you do anyway!)

Summer sun ablaze.
Too hot for working wool.
Cotton is lovely.

The sun behind me,
Warms the fingers clicking sticks,
Becomes yellow sock.

Breeze through leaves of trees
fibers through fingers of hands
needles glint gently

Knitting on my mind
Sun is blazing in the sky
New yarn so divine!

Temp work such a yawn
Want to stay home and knit more
In the sun so warm.

knitting with cotton
cools me off in the summer:
better than ice pops

Summer sun beats down,
Wool between sweaty fingers;
Dreams of winter’s snow.

lightweight shapely tank
rowan calmer in kiwi
won’t finish ’till fall

When summer heat comes
The only good things to knit
are winter dream socks

hot humid outside
cool indoor climate control
knit slip pass over

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