And, of course, Elizabeth Zimmerman’s Baby Surprise Jacket pattern. I more or less knit one for everyone I know who has a baby. This one is in Blue Moon Fiber Arts Socks That Rock Lightweight (which we sell in the bricks and mortar shop, but not online).

I was watching Supernatural with Parna today and seaming up this sweater and had a moment of bliss. I know it’s a little sick but I love mattress stitch. There’s something so elegant about it. Neat and tidy. It just makes my heart go pitter pat. I had to take some photos to share. (Click on photos for a larger image.)

And to make it even sicker, I used Shannon’s favorite Applied I-Cord Bind Off, which is slow going but also gives me that deeply peaceful feeling of *just so* loveliness. I don’t have buttons on the sweater yet, but as a cherry on top of my insane sundae, I’ll share that I love sewing buttons on things, too. Now, there is a limit to that. So don’t go everyone bringing all your projects into the shop expecting me to sew on buttons. I only do that for my two sisters from another mister, Shannon and Parna. (And they pay dearly for it in coffee and pastries.)

Anyway, all that goes to show that the BSJ is basically my favorite project ever.

If you don’t love finishing as much as I do (which I cannot comprehend, but to each their own!), we’ve got a Finishing Workshop coming up next Sunday 4/17 with Parna from 1-3pm. She shares my love of mattress stitch and will do her best to bring you over to the dark side with us…