House of Dreams

Warmth For All is an organization that collects handmade items – hats, scarves, mittens, gloves, socks, etc. – and gives them to Transition Projects for distribution to the homeless. This year they are adding an additional charity – cat blankets for a local no-kill cat shelter, House of Dreams. Twisted is acting as a drop-off point for this charity.

House of Dreams is a non-profit, all volunteer operated no-kill cat shelter located in the Parkrose area of Portland. It began in April of 1999 when five volunteers took over a pre-existing shelter when the owner decided to retire, leaving 97 cats behind. The volunteers worked tirelessly; seven days a week, cleaning, painting, feeding and loving the cats, and re-organizing the shelter, which today has between 50 & 60 cats, and approximately 40-50 volunteers. About 35 of these volunteers come in weekly or every other week, the rest help out with events or come in from time to time as their schedule allows.

Cat-bed color and pattern are wide open. House of Dreams is located in a wee house in NE Portland. They try to color coordinate the rooms, so there is a pink room, a blue and green room, a beige room, a purple room. But they can definitely use other colors and multi-colored beds too. The color schemes are a general concept, not a hard and fast rule. As to sizes, 20″x20″ or 24″x24″ or anything in that ballpark is good. They use them in so many places, so House of Dreams can make use of small ones, big ones, circular ones, you name it. As long as the bed can be machine washed and dried, it can be used!

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