oregon moss shawl sample garment

Heatwave Friendly Tops And Ready-To-Wear Summer Shawls

We've culled the internet to help narrow down some choices for projects that are heatwave friendly and are happy to share our results! We would like to caution everyone that the images below link to Ravelry, though we are cognizant that the accessibility issues on Ravelry have not been resolved for all users. Some of these patterns are also available directly from the designers.

v back tee

The V-Back Tee by Jamie Hoffman © Jamie Hoffman


Argil by Clare Lakewood © Ksenia Naidyon

taro tee

Taro Tee by Kiyomi Burgin © Kiyomi Burgin


Teotihuacan Top by Nomad Stitches © Nomad Stitches

summer sorrel

Summer Sorrel by Wool & Pine © Wool & Pine


runswick by Marie Greene © Marie Greene


Tessellation Tee by Stephanie Erin © Stephanie Erin

peep show

Peep Show by Morgan Woltersdorf © Morgan Woltersdorf


Save a step and buy the finished object. You could have knit it... we'll never tell! 

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goldfish memory

Goldfish Memory

sandpipers wing

Sandpiper's Wing



sizzle pop

Sizzle Pop

walk in the woods

Walk in the Woods

free your fade

Free Your Fade

oregon moss

Oregon Moss

turtle lake

Turtle Lake

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