Hazel Hearts Handknits

Hello, everyone! I am trying to crawl out of newborn-dom to join the adult world again, but, golly, it’s difficult. Stefan and I are so insanely happy to be parents, particularly since Hazel is such a little joy! She’s just a bit over two weeks old right now (in fact, her two-week birthday was actually her due date!), and she now weighs 6 lbs, 13.5 oz. She’s a little peanut. Which means there’s not much that fits her right now – some newborn stuff, but not all of it, and just a few of the many gorgeous handknits we received from all of our fabulous and talented crafty friends! There’s one pair of socks that fits those little feet (thanks, Linda!), and a Baby Surprise Jacket that I made for her out of STR Lightweight on size US 2s. Other than that, we are just waiting for her to grow to trick her out in the many socks, sweaters, and hats we’ve received.


We are having the best time ever – we’ve had family visiting (Aunt Jessica is here now, Gramma and Grampa Squire are coming soon, Grampa Lombard is heading out in a few weeks), and our absolute favorite thing to do is to cuddle with our little girl. Knitting has taken a backseat to her, and that is a-okay! She’s worth it. We’ll be venturing out of the house more in the next few weeks, and will definitely be spending some time at Twisted soon.