best friends in matching sweaters

Happy National Friends Day!

Celebrate National Best Friend Day on June 8th!

Team Twisted besties Parna and Emily celebrated 14 years of friendship (and restarting their knit nights after 2 years off!) by knitting coordinating sweaters in Brooklyn Tweed Tones
The pair chose BT for its commitment to domestic yarn, amazing colors, and heavenly squish. Then, because nerds of a feather flock together, they mathed their way to customized 1-skein-per-color rainbow stripes using BT's First Raglan Sweater pattern.
If a sweater feels daunting, find something smaller like BT's First Colorwork Cowl. You can vary the colors so each project is unique but complimentary - just like you and your BFF. Or, if your best bud has four legs and a tail, we've included an additional pattern suggestion below. ;)

Best Friend Sweater Images and Appa Kerchief

Oh you know it. We couldn't talk about Best Friend Day without including Emily's other BFF, Appa... who absolutely got her own matching kerchief!
Ready to cast on?
With your 2+ skein Brooklyn Tweed Tones purchase from Twisted, you can get a coupon for a FREE download of Brooklyn Tweed's First Raglan Sweater pattern or First Colorwork Cowl pattern! Just select a pattern from the drop down menu on our Tones page before adding to cart.

First Raglan Sweater Pattern

First Raglan Sweater by Jared Flood
Shown Above in Baseline Overtone (Left) and Vacay Overtone & Baseline Undertone (Right)
Image © Brooklyn Tweed / Jared Flood.

First Colorwork Cowl Pattern

First Colorwork Cowl by Jared Flood
Shown above in Zest Overtone, Granita Overtone, Baseline Undertone, & Persimmon Overtone
Image © Brooklyn Tweed / Jared Flood.

Brooklyn Tweed Tones

Brooklyn Tweed Tones Palette

Tones images © Brooklyn Tweed / Jared Flood.