Handmade nation premiere

Handmade Nation is an incredibly exciting (if you’re a crafty geek like me) new documentary by first-time filmmaker Faythe Levine about the new wave of interest in crafts and DIY across America. It features interviews with crafty cool ladies and gents all over the country, including Portland’s own Susan Beal. And the Northwest premiere is tonight here in Portland at the Museum of Contemporary Craft!

handmadenation.jpgParna and I were lucky enough to score tickets, though I hear they’re all sold out now. Also, anyone who has tickets for tonight’s screening will be thrilled to know that Twisted has a little contribution to the sweet swag bags they’ll be handing out.

Here’s the trailer:

When I started this post, there were still tickets available for the other screenings, but I just checked and it looks like all four showings are sold out! Ack. Well, I’m going to go ahead and post this so that you can still check out this great film, add it to your Netflix queue when it is released on DVD, etc. Who knows, maybe the museum will add another showing if enough people ask?…

Also, there are a whole bunch of related activities and programs and hands on fun you can get involved in. The deets are here. Have fun!