Green Twisted

And, no, we don’t mean that’s our favorite color. (Though clearly it is…) What we mean is that here at Twisted, we’re big proponents of the idea that everyone has to do their little part to be good to the earth where we can be. In fact, we just signed PGE’s Save More, Matter More pledge. Spot our sticker and you’ll be entered in their contest to win a free fridge from PGE. If you don’t need a new fridge, heck, use it to store yarn.

Here’s a list of things we do to be environmentally friendly:

  • We wash dishes instead of using disposable ones.
  • Our dishwasher is the “high temperature” kind, which sanitizes with very, very hot water instead of harsh chemicals.
  • We turn off most of our display lights at night to conserve power.
  • We installed curtains in our big front windows to insulate the store at night.
  • As light bulbs burn out, we’re replacing them with CFLs.
  • We installed a programmable thermostat.
  • We use paper shopping bags instead of plastic.
  • We keep our water heater set low.
  • We have our computer equipment set to “sleep” after periods of non-use and turn off other electronics when we can.
  • We used mostly recycled paint on our interior walls.
  • We use filtered tap water instead of bottled water in our water cooler.
  • We recycle religiously.