glued and screwed. or, the face lift, phase two.

Jessica, giving a big ole thumbs-up
i have the bestest sister and husband in the entire universe (well, em’s hubbie, m, is pretty cool, too – he’s our architect. can you imagine having your own architect, who is at your beck and call, and of whom you can ask a question before he’s even had his first cup of coffee? ooh, lala. schmancy).

j (sister) and s (husband) have been working away on a fairly involved project for twisted. namely, our counters.

they worked their fool booties off for 2 days straight, and, with some stellar advice from my uber-knowledgeable dad, by the end of those two days, what they had created surpassed all expectations we had had. em and i knew they would do a fantastic job, there was no question of that, but i for one thought they would be super-utilitarian (not that there’s anything wrong with that) and a bit basic. not so. these puppies are anything but basic – they fit into the space perfectly; they are all true (square); they are the exact specified height; and they will accommodate all of our needs perfectly. we joked that they will be the last things standing after the apocalypse, just those counters and the termites. we also found the perfect tops for the counters: butcher-blocks from ikea, and some gorgeous cherry for the front of the counters at mr. plywood. just wait till you all see the finished product.
Stefan and the jigsaw

other aspects of the shop are plugging along, as well. we are fairly certain that may 19 was a dream-land, best-case-scenario date for opening, and, although everything is working out well, we are not living in dream-land. who really lives in dream-land, though? even paris hilton got booted from that place.