Get Twisted Color Adventure with Black Trillium Fibre Studios

Imagine how excited we all were when, last fall, the extremely talented and wonderful Melanie of Black Trillium Fibre Studios asked us if we would be interested in her creating colorways for each of us. After we picked ourselves up off of the ground (what knitter hasn’t dreamed of a favorite dyer’s colorway being inspired by, and named after, her, after all?), and giggled as much as we needed to, we answered with a resounding “YES!” Melanie asked us to fill out color and personality questionnaires, which was super fun in and of itself, and a few short months later, she debuted the first 2 colors, for our fantastic Twisted-manager-slash-uber-talented designer, Star, and our now-living-in-the-midwest former (but always current, in our hearts) Twistedista Alex. Woah. These colors are insanely gorgeous! We are getting them soon, and if you’d like to have one of your very own, please feel free to give us a call to preorder them. I know most of us here at Twisted are going to start a little collection of Twistedista yarns.

For a little more on the evolution of this adventure, check out Melanie’s blog. And try not to be too-too jealous of us. Believe us, we know how lucky we are!