Friday Round Up!

Friday Round Up!

Friday! All day, once a week…

At the store:

  • First off, thank you to everyone who made it to the store for our Holiday Party a week ago! We hope you all had as much fun as we did and if you didn't catch it, we even had a special color way - Jingle Juice - from Blue Moon for the occasion!
  • So much good stuff is pouring into the store to help with all your last minute holiday needs! Berroco, Knitted Wit, embroidery supplies, macrame rope and needles galore are being as stocked as quickly as we can get it out in the store. (Thank you to our Holiday Elf Stockperson who has been coming in hours before we open!)
  • Wooden yarn bowls are happily back in stock. Too afraid you (or someone else... perhaps someone with four paws and a fluffy tail...) will break the lovely JamPdx bowls? Wood bowls are an excellent alternative.
  • Coco Knits! We now carry their blocking mat sets, stitch markers and stitch stoppers.
  • Unicorn. Scissors. These little guys go FAST so if you are interested, grab a set today!

Around the web:

And totally, completely, unapologetically local:

  • Portland has some wonderful holiday traditions and if you are looking to get out of the house and see an explosion of lights, there are some excellent choices around town. The Grotto for those looking for something more traditional. Zoo Lights for those with (or without!) kids. And finally, Peacock Lane continues to up the ante on the whole street getting in on the decorating action. Of course there are more and please share in the comment your favorites!  

Have a great weekend and remember, you can always find us online!