For the knitting fashionista

Here are two new products that are also two of the coolest knitting accessories we’ve seen in a while.

First, the kitchener stitch dog tag. No need to dig for the instructions every time you need to close up that sock toe! Keep your Kitchener Dog Tag close at hand for a quick reminder. Perfect for around the handle of your knitting bag. Sturdy metal dogtag comes with a 24″ inch chain that can be customized to any length you desire. Also comes with easy to understand, step by step instructions – for those who need to grasp the basics of this “easier than you think it is” grafting stitch. The dogtag will be the only reminder you need after that.
Next, a needle gauge pendant from Debra’s Garden. This 1-1/2″ x 1-1/4″ light weight aluminum needle gauge is as beautiful as it is accurate. US goes from 0 – 17. You can use it as a pendant on your favorite necklace chain, as a key ring or even as a zipper pull on your knitting notions bag. To me it looks like a nautilus shell – knitter’s will know what it is, though, while non-knitters will just think you have on a piece of stylish jewelry.
Wear them both together and you have the ultimate knitting necklace of power!