Five Fibery Things To Do While Self-Isolating

Five Fibery Things To Do While Self-Isolating

1. Wash and block your handknits

Why: Things get dirty! Plus, most woolens benefit from gentle cleaning and conditioning.

What you'll need: Gentle cleanser specially formulated for handknits like Soak or Eucalan, bowl or sink or Stasher bag for washing, LOTS of towels, space to dry things.

Optional: Blocking mats, blocking pins, bowl or balloon for hats.

2. Organize your yarn

Why: You can't use it if you can't find it. It's also a great opportunity to give to a friend or donate to charity things you won't use. Keep your eyes peeled for insect damage - moths can invade any home.

What you'll need: Time and space...

Optional: Large zip-top plastic or Stasher bags, plastic bins, labels.

3. Finish (or frog) those works in progress

Why: It feels SO GOOD. It also clears the way for casting on new things.

What you'll need: An iron will.

Optional: Darning needle, blocking supplies.

4. Inventory your needles and hooks

Why: They're feisty little buggers and never seem to stay where you put them - instead they always somehow spread into one even layer throughout the house.

What you'll need: Bags or container of your choosing, an inventory chart - if you have a Ravelry account you can find one under My Notebook > Needles and Hooks.

Optional: Infinite numbers of bags for subdividing types, labels.

5. Join a virtual knitalong

Why: Community and connection are more important than ever in times like these... and even more challenging to nurture.

What you'll need: A phone, tablet, or computer and an internet connection, a knitalong to join, materials for your project. Consider our monthly Knit 12 Together knitalong!

Optional: Beverage of your choice, maybe a nice podcast?