Expanding Family of Zauberballs

We heart the Zauberballs here at Twisted. We fondly remember getting our very first shipment of OZ (Original Zauberball). We all squee’d, squealed, and madly grabbed Zauberballs of our very own. And then we saw Crazy Zauberball on the internet – it was only available overseas, and we called our Zauberball dealer and begged to be able to have a Crazy Zauberball of our very own. We were rewarded for that, and, a few weeks ago, received the newest Zauberball, Starke 6! Yeah, we know that it sounds like something out of a Sci-Fi TV Show, and that is one of the reasons we heart it so much.

In summary,

First there was Zauberball:

And then there was CrAzY Zauberball:

And now there is Crazy Zauberball Starke 6:

And, we heart the whole durned family: