Meet the Emily Shmemily – a fingering-weight shawlette pattern designed by Shannon just for me! But I’ll share.

In the pattern, Shannon says:

I made a simple scarf a few years ago, just because it was a pattern I wanted to knit. I never wore the scarf, and offered it to Emily when I discovered that she didn’t have a handknit scarf or shawl (yeah, I’ll wait a minute and allow you to calm down after reading that horrifying revelation). Well, she had it all of 2 minutes when her boyfriend STOLE it. Her 30th was coming up, and I was racking my brain – what to get for my wonderful partner? Bing-bing-bing! I decided to design a shawlette for her, and I made it girly enough that the boy wouldn’t even be tempted to take it from her. Thus the Emily Shmemily was born.

Now you, too, can have an Emily Shmemily (but not the Emilyshmemily) of your very own. Purchase a hard copy from our web store or download the electronic version from Ravelry.