Dreamy Dream Club

We have something exciting to share with you all. Dream in Color, that fabulous company with such Twisted standards as Classy, Smooshy, and Starry, have this brand-new, once-a-month for almost a year awesomeness going on. It’s called the “Dream Club,” and boy, is it ever dreamy.

Every month for 10 months, at around the first of the month, we will be receiving a package of a one-of-a-kind colorway of a Dream in Color yarn, and a free pattern with which to showcase that yarn. The yarns will range from Smooshy, to Groovy, to Starry, to a brand-new, as-yet-unnamed Merino/Cashmere/Nylon blend. Gasp! Yes, you read that right, folks, a CASHMERE blend! The projects will range from hats to fingerless gloves to scarves to yes, you guessed it, socks.

Stock is limited to what we have on hand, so getcher butts over here or over here if you want to get your hands on one of these lil’ kits.

The first shipment, the August shipment, arrived this morning here at Twisted World Headquarters. It’s a gorgeous skein of Flash-Dyed Smooshy, colorway Rose Smash, and a fabulous light-weight hat pattern, Airy, by Veronica Van, the color goddess behind Dream in Color. Remember, folks, when we are out, we are out, and there’s no way for us to get more. Be a part of this fun, fantastic, colorful club today!