this one’s for donee, and chris, and all of the other folks who have been asking and asking, “shannon, when in the h-e-double-hockey-sticks are you going to FINISH that sweater?????” well, let me tell you, my fears of finishing were completely and totally unfounded, because, and brace yourselves, folks, it wasn’t that bad (or difficult).

armed with my trusty copy of ‘stitch ‘n bitch,’

a tapestry needle,

and my new favorite notions,

i spent two evenings seaming away, and she is finished.

the donegal tweed chunky was a pleasure to work with – it’s not the softest yarn in the shop, but it shore is purty. working on size 10.5’s ain’t half bad. after primarily knitting socks or shawls for the past two years, handling a big ole needle like that is quite a change, and sure does hurry up the knitting. i tell you, the actual knitting on this puppy was done at least a month ago. washing and blocking this behemoth gave me quite a work-out, not to mention soaking my kitchen floor, and it’s been ‘drying’ since friday night. oh, and she still needs buttons, but for all intents and purposes, she is done.

so, without further ado, let me introduce ya’ll to kilcar, the BIGGGGGGest sweater coat EVA:


i’m hoping she’ll be completely dry by tomorrow, so she can come in to twisted with me. i’ve tried her on, and she’s big, folks – a big ole, comfy sweater coat perfect for the coming winter.

yaay for finishing!